Six Studies for various solo clarinets

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Study No.1 – Bizarre Times, for Bb Clarinet – Duration – 2m 5s

Study No.2 – The Last Gage, for Bb Clarinet – Duration – 6m 29s

Study No.3 – Vortex, for Bass Clarinet (Also Transcribed for Bb clarinet at the back of the score) – Duration – 6m 22s

Study No.4 – The Pearl Imp, for Eb Clarinet Duration – 3m

Study No.5 – Spitfire Pearl, for C Clarinet – Duration – 3m 54s

Study No.6 – The Glastry Girl, for A Clarinet – Duration – 6m 25s

The Six Studies For Various Clarinets were written between March 20th and April 20th 2020. They came upon me rather suddenly and unexpectedly as never before had I wished to write for a single-line solo instrument that was not a piano. They were inspired by major events which were happening in my life at the time; My dear mum, Margaret Mary Denny, known as Pearl, at the great age of 91, passed away on March 24th 2020 – right on the first official day of our UK Lockdown amid the growing worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic! Mercifully, I was able to be with Mum at the end. It was a very sad and perplexing time, therefore the sound of a solo clarinet seemed to be the only way I could think during these strange weeks. I wanted to write a piece for each of my clarinets and each study was conceived for the type of clarinet for which it was written. However, all of the studies can also be played on a Bb clarinet. I have transcribed No.3 for Bass Clarinet for the Bb clarinet. The studies are highly expressive, individual pieces which seek to give the player much fun as well as practice and challenge to greatly improve technique. I also hope that audiences will enjoy them, too, as I believe that they would make great recital pieces. Their styles range from the very dissonant to the very melodic and everything in between. They are tragic and desolate in places, witty and full of fun and mischief in others. I have dedicated them to my Mum and I hope you enjoy them!

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