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  • Good evening Geraldine, I listened to some of your compositions today and I found them very beautiful and interesting. I would like to ask you where to find your music and if it is possible to play the Trios for Flute, Violin and Piano (Capriccio, Trio and Ballad) in Ensemble with 2 Violins and Piano.
    Thanks for your music!
    Kind regards

    • Dear Federico,

      Thank you for contacting me and taking an interest in my work. It’s lovely to hear that you like it so much and are wishing to play some of it.
      Here is a link to the UK publisher who publishes the Trio for Flute, Violin and Piano and the Ballade for the same group:

      The Capriccio for flute, violin and piano is not yet published, although it is on Astute’s list for publication when its turn arrives. So, until then it can be purchased directly from myself in PDF format. All these works can be played with two violins instead of a flute if you wish.

      If you wish to purchase a PDF copy of the Capriccio I can contact you via your email, which is stored on my website. Please let me know.
      Many thanks

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