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June 2018

The Trio for Flute, Violin and Piano is now just newly published by Astute Music Ltd and is available at the link:


February 2017

Now entered into the computer an early, short, full orchestral piece called Ballade For An Entablature. It can be found under “Music”, “Orchestral Works”. Soon, I will add a computer playback recording to give you an idea of what it will sound like. But, as we all know, a real orchestra is the ONLY way to hear it in its true glory!


January 2017

Sparrowhawk Tango just recently orchestrated for youth orchestra with healthy array of percussion!



November 2016

New piece just completed this month!

Capriccio for flute, violin and piano.

Was a joy to write. Mad, crazy and wild! Yeah!!!!! Please see its page under Chamber Music. Updates will be posted in due course. Thank you.




Just recently completed a new work, Divertimento, for flute choir.

It has 3 short movements and its total duration is about 15 minutes.

It is scored for flutes 1 – 4, with flutes 1 -3 doubling on piccolos here and there, alto flute, bass flute and a string double bass to add extra wellie!

The outer 2 movements are light, speedy and funny, while the middle movement is more of a sombre, slightly haunting nature.

I will post more information on this at a later date.

Thank you for visiting.



Great news!  Two more works have just been published by Astute Music, UK.  They are ;

Oakmount Nocturne, for Flute and Piano


Flute Concerto, both in the piano reduction form and its original orchestral form (solo flute, strings and harp).

Both works can be found at


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