Miscellany (in seven short movements for piano)

Piano Score
1st Movement
7th Movement


* 2008 – Miscellany, 7 short movements for solo piano ┬áCommissioned by conductor/pianist Anthony Davie.

Duration: approx 15 minutes in total.
Inspired by friends, family and general life experiences, this set of short pieces encompasses a range of moods; from Romantic and melodic to comical and dissonant.

Movement 1. Didi – Didi was a very unique and special friend for many years. She gave out great spiritual strength and insight into this very confusing world in which we all live. She was a real tower of quiet, gentle strength.

Movement 2. Brew! – This movement was inspired directly by the Brewing Industry. It strives to depict the hustle and bustle of a busy, working brewery and the the many hilarious, fabulous people I met during my three years in the beer-making industry.

Movement 3 – Convent Cherub – This little piece began life as the opening title music of a film score I worked on while at college. The film itself, entitled My Brother Rob, was made by Alison Hilder, a student director at the Harrow School of Film. The story told of a young boy traumatised by a convent boarding school up-bringing. I have felt for many years that this little main theme has needed an alternative home, as much film music is never played again.

Movement 4 – Megan – This movement comes directly from my wonderful and beautiful daughter, who was 5 years old at the time of the writing of this piece. It seeks to express her wild vibrance, eternal cheekiness, infinite energy, sparkle and the utter fearlessness of youth.

Movement 5 – Edward – This music is for my gorgeous little son, who has Down’s Syndrome, and was only 3 at the time of the writing of this piece. The opening came to me moments after the doctor had confirmed Edward had Down’s, when he was only 6 hours old. The music tries to convey the fear of the unknown, huge unconditional love and moments of uncertainty alternated by washes of strength. And yet, all through the fear the resolve to forever love and stay strong always wins.

Movement 6 – Indifference – The opening 4 notes are the core of this movement, and the piece is built around and from them. This music is an observation of deep, rumbling frustration at the indifference growing in our fast moving, modern society.

Movement 7 – “Wee Us” – This movement expresses family triumph, the gifts of life and love, and the glory of boundless, wild, youthful energy. This tune has not yet run its course. It will be back!

Pianists – Simon Callaghan  and Sebastian Kurz

1st Movement –  Didi – Played by Simon Callaghan

2nd Movement –  Brew! Played by Sebastian Kurz. 

3rd Movement –   Convent Cherub – Simon Callaghan

4th movement –  Megan – Sebastian Kurz

5th Movement –  Edward – Simon Callaghan

6th Movement –  Indifference – Simon Callaghan

7th Movement –  “Wee Us” – Simon Callaghan

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