Miscellany (in seven short movements for piano)

Piano Score
1st Movement
7th Movement

* 2008 – Miscellany, 7 short movements for solo piano  Commissioned by conductor/pianist Anthony Davie.

Duration: approx 15 minutes in total.
Inspired by friends, family and general life experiences, this set of short pieces encompasses a range of moods; from Romantic and melodic to comical and dissonant.

Pianists – Simon Callaghan  and Sebastian Kurz

1st Movement –  Didi – Played by Simon Callaghan

2nd Movement –  Brew! Played by Sebastian Kurz. 

3rd Movement –   Convent Cherub – Simon Callaghan

4th movement –  Megan – Sebastian Kurz

5th Movement –  Edward – Simon Callaghan

6th Movement –  Indifference – Simon Callaghan

7th Movement –  “Wee Us” – Simon Callaghan

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