Nocturne (for flute and piano)

*October 2009 – “Nocturne” for Flute and Piano Duration 5/6 minutes.

This piece began life as a slow Irish air I wrote for the penny whistle.It was one of those special melodies that I knew would have to be expanded on one day. My chance arrived when flautist Gary Woolf asked me to write
a beautiful piece for flute and piano for Clare Southworth’s new book
“Vocalise”, to be published by Astute Music in the UK. Clare Southworth, a renowned flautist herself,
is also the flute editor of Astute Music and I felt deeply privileged to even be considered for this challenge.                This Nocturne felt right for the job, and now it is published in the book “Vocalise” along with 5 other wonderful short
pieces for flute and piano by Peter McGarr, Andy Scott, Adam Caird, Christian Mason and Barbara Thompson.                 It is dedicated to Suzanne Munro, a long standing composer friend of mine who was at college with
me, and we are still great friends to this day.

Available for purchase from Astute Music as part of the compilation ‘Vocalise’ by Clare Southworth




Flute – Gary Woolf, Piano – Sebastian Kurz.

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