The Pines Of Roselawn (Intermezzo for solo cello and strings)

Full Score – School Arrangement (Arrangement 1 )
Set Of Parts – School Arrangement (Arrangement 1 )
Full Score – Standard Arrangement (Arrangement 2 )
Set Of Parts – Standard Arrangement (Arrangement 2 )
Cello and Piano – ( Arrangement 3 ) – Includes separate cello solo part
Viola and Piano – ( Arrangement 4 ) – Includes separate Viola solo part
Recording of Arrangement 3 by Gary Woolf – Piano and Luise Bulte in November 2018

About The Piece

The Pines Of Roselawn, Intermezzo for Solo Cello and Strings – October 2012.  Duration Approx. 12 minutes

This piece was written in memory of my father, Colum Denny, who passed away in May 2012.
It is slow, beautiful and very Romantic in character. Its middle section is more turbulent with an exciting mixture of intensity and soaring “flying music”.
While the orchestral parts are fairly straightforward, the cello solo part would suit a cellist of about grade 7 upwards.

There are 4 arrangements available;

No.1 – School Arrangement ;  for Cello solo, Violins 1, 2 and 3. Cellos 1 and 2

No.2 – Standard Arrangement; for Cello solo, Violins 1 and 2, Viola, Cello and Double Bass

No.3 – Cello Solo and Piano

No.4 – Viola Solo and Piano

Arrangement 1-School Cello Solo – Luise Bulte with the Banda Di Musica, Conducted by Gary Woolf
Arrangement 3 Cello – Luise Bulte Piano – Gary Woolf

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