Mini Concerto for Alex (for solo cello and orchestra)

Full Score (Arrangement 1)
Set Of Parts (Arrangement 1)
Instrumentation (Arrangement 1)
Piano and Cello Arrangement (Includes Separate Cello Part) (Arrangement 2)
Solo Cello Part (Arrangement 2)

1992 – Mini concerto for Alex, for solo cello (about grade 6 or 7) and school orchestra. Commissioned by Ibstock Place School for a talented young cellist, Alex Hunt, who was a student at the school at the time.  The Head of the school’s music department was Chris Artley, who was a marvelous support to me, throwing my way many wonderful opportunities or orchestrate for the Ibstock Place orchestra. The Mini Concerto For Alex is just one example. Chris is now a very successful composer living and working in New Zealand!

Duration: approx. 10 minutes.
In one movement, this piece is light in character and great fun for a school orchestra with a young, aspiring cellist.

There are two Arrangements;

No.1 – For Solo Cello and School Orchestra (See above for Instrumentation)


No.2 – For Solo Cello and Piano


There is a choice of 2 cadenzas: The first one is fairly easy and the second one is for the more advanced soloist. The one you hear below is the second, more advanced one. Both Cadenzas come with all arrangements.

Recording by Banda Di Musica. Conducted by Gary Woolf. Cello Solo – Katja Weigang

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