Larghetto (for solo violin and strings)

School Arrangement

February 2012 – Duration Approx. 8 minutes

The Larghetto was specially written for violinist Julia Kiefner and the Banda Di Musica. It was adapted from the middle section of the second movement of an earlier work, The Thresher, Sonata For Strings, which has never yet been played. I had always felt that this Larghetto section of music was extra special somehow, needing to escape as a little piece in its own right. Writing it for Julia Kiefner gave me the special oportunity to achieve this. It is slow, beautiful and deeply passionate.

There are three arrangements available;

Standard – for Solo Violin, Violins 1 and 2, Viola, Cello and Double Bass
School – for Solo Violin, Violins 1, 2 and 3, Cellos 1 and 2

 For violin and piano

Recording by Banda Di Musica. Conducted by Gary Woolf. Soloist Julia Kiefner.

Violin – Darius Schmelzer Piano – Chizuru Amakawa

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