Humdinger (for strings)

Full Score – School Arrangement ( Arrangement 1 )
Set Of Parts – School Arrangement ( Arrangement 1 )
Full Score – Standard Arrangement ( Arrangement 2 )
Set Of Parts – Standard Arrangement ( Arrangement 2 )
Full Score – Orchestral Arrangement ( Arrangement 3 )
Set Of Parts – Orchestral Arrangement ( Arrangement 3 )

Humdinger was written in March 2010.  Duration:  4 minutes 42 seconds.

This piece was specially written for and dedicated to Gary Woolf and the Banda di Musica in Emsdetten, Germany. It is fast, lively, tuneful and comical, with a very mischievous character. It could be enjoyed by both students and professionals alike. It was inspired by a nail biting dash through Frankfurt airport in order to just about catch a plane!

There are three arrangements available:

No.1  School arrangement: for Violin 1, Violin 2, Violin 3, Cello 1 and Cello

No.2  Standard: for Violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello and double bass

No.3  Youth Orchestra Arrangement:

In May 2019 I completed an orchestration for Youth orchestra for this piece. The instrumentation is as follows:

Flutes 1&2, 1 Oboe, Clarinets 1&2 in Bflat, 1 Bflat Bass Clarinet, 1 Bassoon, 1 Alto Saxophone.

Trumpets 1&2 in Bflat, 1 Tenor Trombone.

Maracas, Snare Drum (with brushes), Tambourine, Triangle, Xylophone.

Violins 1,2&3, Viola (same as violin 3 part), Cellos 1&2, Double Bass (same as Cello 2 part)


Recording of The School Arrangement (No. 1) by Banda Di Musica. Conducted by Gary Woolf.


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