Flute Concerto (solo flute strings and harp)

*2007 – Flute Concerto, for Flute strings and harp, in two movements . Commissioned by flautist Gary Woolf.

This piece is now published By Astute Music and can be purchased from their website.

Duration: 30 minutes.

The Flute Concerto was inspired by my life-long friendship with an Irish family and was written for and is dedicated to Gary Woolf. It has a strong Irish flavour, especially in the 2nd movement where the first theme is in the style of an Irish reel. It is Romantic in style, with luscious melodies and something of a filmic flavour. So far, it has received four wonderful performances that I am currently aware of: The first was with the Chiltern Camerata conducted by Simon Lambros with Gary Woolf as the soloist. The second and third performances were with the Alte Philharmonie in Munster, conducted by Thorsten Schmid-Kapfenburg with Gary Woolf as the soloist, and the fourth performance was in 2017 with the Bolton Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Bob Chasey with Julie Leach as the soloist.

Recording by Alte Philharmonie, Conducted by Thorsten Schmid-Kapfenburg, Soloist Gary Woolf.

1st Movement – Andante Moderato, beginning with a cadenza.

2nd Movement – Allegro Moderato


Bolton Symphony Orchestra. Soloist – Julie Leach. Conducted by Bob Chasey 2017

2 Responses to “Flute Concerto (solo flute strings and harp)”

  • Hello Geraldine, I just found your flute concerto, wonderful! Do you think it works as well only with piano?
    Have you written anything for flute, cello, piano?

    All the best for 2015!

    • Dear Christiane,

      I am so sorry for my late reply – I have not checked my site for a while, but I will from now on. Please accept my apologies.

      Thank you for your interest in the flute concerto. Just to answer your question on whether I think it works well for piano and flute? Well, to me the REAL music will always be the original version for flute, strings and harp. I have to be honest here. Of the few concertos I have written I never feel they are as good with only piano – they need the strings! However, a piano arrangement is always needed to make rehearsals for the soloist easier, and also to make the piece more accessible as most people do not have an orchestra to play with.

      I am sorry I have not yet written anything for flute, cello and piano, but I do have an as yet unpublished Trio for flute, violin and piano. There are also 2 other flute and piano Nocturnes, published by Astute Music UK, if you are interested. The Trio may be published one day, but we will have to wait and see.

      Thank you again for your interest and I also wish you well for 2015.


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