Bass Clarinet Concerto (for bass clarinet and strings)

This piece is now published by Alea Publishing and can be purchased from their website at under “Sheet Music”, “Concerto”. It is available in its origonal orchestral form and also in piano reduction with bass clarinet part.

Total duration: 25 minutes
Inspired immediately after the buying of my bass clarinet, this piece is generally jovial in character with luscious melodies and a romping, mischievous character. The middle movement is rather more austere, showing the bass clarinet’s darker, more serious side.

Available for purchase from Alea Publishing

Since it was published by Alea Publishing in Tacoma, USA, the bass clarinet concerto has enjoyed many good performances, some of them listed below. Please enjoy!

Performance by the Camerata Venia

Soloist: Dmitry Rasul-Kareyev

Conductor: Gleb Skvortsov

Performance 19/1/2014 Indianna University

soloist: Keith Northover

Conductor: Sam Emanuel

World Premiere Recording by The London 20 in January 1992 in St. Cyprian’s Church, London.

Conducted by Anthony Davie

Soloist Geraldine Green.

1st Movement – Moderato Pesante

2nd Movement – Adagio Ma Non Troppo

3rd Movement – Allegro Moderato

4 Responses to “Bass Clarinet Concerto (for bass clarinet and strings)”

  • Dear Geraldine,

    Last night, I had the wonderful opportunity to play the first movement of your Bass Clarinet Concerto on a concert with the Jefferson City Symphony Orchestra. This was on the program for our biennial “Children’s Concert”, featuring a variety of instruments and music to introduce children to the many sounds and possibilities of the orchestra. Your piece was very well received by the audience and orchestra alike. Moreover, it was a great joy to play.

    Cheers to you for a great composition!
    – David

    • Dear David,

      I am so sorry for my late reply to your lovely message. From now on I will check my site more often! I am delighted to hear that you played the bass clarinet concerto’s 1st movement with the orchestra – and at a children’s concert, too! How fantastic! I really appreciate you telling me as it’s always lovely to know that people are enjoying the music – after all, that’s what it is for! Thank you again, David.

      All the best for your future playing.


  • Dear Geraldine,

    My name is José and I just got to be lucky enough to hear you bass clarinet two months ago and I would love to play it, Could you tell me where to buy the score?

    Thank you very much for your precious time

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