Suite for clarinet quartet

1993 – The Suite for clarinet quartet is for Clarinet 1 (also doubles on Eflat clarinet) , Clarinet 2, clarinet 3 and bass clarinet. It was commissioned by Michael Bryant, who is a talented clarinettist I knew and often worked with in London in the 1990s. He requested that I write a clarinet quartet for one of the many Playdays he organized throughout the year. The work is in 5 movements and the total duration is approximately 20/25 minutes.  It is based on tunes from one of my Herne Hill musicals, Sea Shanty For A King, written by Phil Bennett, who was the Head Mistress of herne Hill Primary School. The  piece is light hearted and tuneful with plenty of foot-tapping rhythms.

I have managed to play in this piece a few times with my local clarinet colleagues, but unfortunately I have not yet managed to get a decent enough recording to post up here. As soon as I have one, either by myself or by someone else I will update.

Available for purchase from Alea Publishing

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