Furgary (Solo Cello,Flute and piano with string orchestra)

Full Score – School Arrangement (Arrangement 1)
Set Of Parts – School Arrangement (Arrangement 1 )
Full Score – Standard Arrangement (Arrangement 2)
Set Of Parts – Standard Arrangement (Arrangement 2)
Cello and Piano (1st Theme Only) – Includes Separate Cello part – (Arrangement 3)
Violin and Piano (1st Theme Only) – Includes Separate Violin part – (Arrangement 4)

World Premiere Recording (School Arrangement) In June 2021 with Gary Woolf Conducting the Banda Di Musica in Germany. Soloists: Flute-Madeleine Eckervogt, Cello – Luise Bulte and Piano – Carla Bulte

Duration – Approx. 8/9 minutes

About The Piece

Furgary was written in October 2019 at the request of Flautist Gary Woolf for his junior music school orchestra, the Banda Di Musica, for whom I have written many pieces. It was originally scored for a trio of soloists (flute, cello and piano) and string orchestra, like a kind of concerto grosso. In this form there are two school orchestra arrangements;

No. 1 – School Arrangement – Solo flute, cello and piano, Violins 1,2&3, cellos 1&2

No. 2 – Standard Arrangement – Solo flute, cello and piano, Violins 1&2, violas, cellos and basses.

There are also two further arrangements;

No. 3 – Cello and piano – First theme only

No. 4 – Violin and Piano – First theme only

By March 2020, the soloists and orchestra had fully learned the parts and the piece was ready for its world premiere in Germany. The soloists were; Flute – Madeleine Eckervogt, Cello – Luise Bulte and Piano – Carla Bulte. But unfortunately, the first Lockdown of the Covid-19 Pandemic put a stop to any further progress in the music school’s attempts at performing anything at all. So, Furgary still awaits its premiere and for now all I have is the computer playback recording above ( now thankfully removed and replaced with the real thing!), which will at least give you a rough idea of what the piece is like. We hope that in late 2021 Furgary can at last have its due premiere and I will post a proper recording as soon as we have one!

Well, at last, in early July 2021, I am very excited and pleased to be able to add this wonderful recording of Furgary’s School Arrangement, just hot off the press a few days ago. What wonderful young musicians! Many thanks to all involved.

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