Divertimento, For Flute Choir

The Divertimento for Flute Choir was written in June and July 2016. It has 3 short movements and a total duration of about 15 minutes.

The outer movements are speedy, light hearted and sunny natured, while the middle movement is slower and rather haunting.

The Instrumentation is:

Flute 1 – doubling Piccolo, Flute 2 – doubling piccolo, Flute 3 – doubling piccolo, Flute 4, Alto flute, Bass flute and string Double Bass.

As the work was written for a specific group of players, the parts are single and do not divide within themselves. This, however, should not prevent it also working well with more than one player per part.

The double bass part sometimes doubles the bass flute line, but also is an independent part in its own right. 

At some point I intend to adapt the double bass part to suit either a bassoon or bass clarinet.

There are plans for this piece to be played at some point in 2016 or 2017. If this comes to be I will update again with the sound recording and further information on this work.

World Premiere Recording by Tooti Flooti at Victoria Hall, Bolton, UK in June 2018.

First Movement

Second Movement

Third Movement “June Prune Tune”

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