Idyll For Flute And Harp

Score with separate flute part (Also includes an Enharmonic Flute Part, which some players might find preferable)
Premiere in September 2021 in Germany Flute – Gary Woolf Harp – Brigitte Langnickel-Kohler

The Idyll For Flute And Harp was written in May 2021 at the request of flautist Gary Woolf as a wedding present for his good friends Dietrich and Ulla Hoffmann. It was played at the couple’s wedding at the end of July 2021 by Gary and harpist Brigitte Langnickel-Kohler and it received a very warm response from the wedding-goers! There are plans for further concert performances in the coming months. The above recording is the world premiere! Huge thanks to Gary and Brigitte!

Its duration is just under 6 minutes and the music is beautifully melodic with an air about it of mid-summer and pretty countryside. After just having completed The Glastry Pearl, a huge intense orchestral work, writing this gentle little Idyll was like a welcome rest and journey into a beautiful summery meadow filled with flowers and bees and warm sunshine.

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