Vita Nova for flute and piano

Vita Nova is a single movement work for flute and piano, commissioned by flautist Gary Woolf and written in July/August 2019. It will receive its world premiere in September 2019 in Germany as part of a concert to celebrate the retirement of Gary’s Boss, Wolfgang Bernhardt, the work’s dedicatee and himself an excellent musician. It was this special occasion which inspired the work’s title, Latin for New Life.

The piece is packed with excitement and has a wide range of moods, from the rather somber opening to the comical, lively main theme, which resembles a strange cross between a fast, crazy waltz and a jig. In the middle there is a flamboyant flute cadenza which leads us into a calm, ethereal, slightly mysterious section, before the lively, mischievous waltzy jig returns, to eventually lead us into a beautiful calm, dignified ending derived from the somber opening melody but now with glorious, positive harmony and a feeling that all is right and good.

This recording is the world premiere by Gary Woolf (flute) and Sebastian Kurz (piano) on September 19th 2019 in Germany

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