Trio (for flute, violin and piano)

*May 2009 – Trio, for Flute, Violin and Piano, in 4 movements.  Duration – 30 minutes.

Now published by Astute Music.

This piece was requested by Gary Woolf. It encompasses a wide range of emotions, from chilid-like innocence to tragedy and also extreme comedy. The 2nd and 4th movements are highly rhythmic and almost jazzy, while the 1st and 3rd movements centre more on melody and lucious harmony.


Flute-Gary Woolf, Violin-Matthias Reuland, Piano-Sebastian Kurz

Trio 1st Movement

Trio 2nd Movement
Trio 3rd Movement
Trio 4th Movement

10 Responses to “Trio (for flute, violin and piano)”

  • WhereWhere can I buy the sheet music for the Trio for flute, vilin and piano? Just heard it on Radio 3, and loved it!

    • Hello Lorna, Thank you so much for your feedback, we still have not come down from cloud 9 from the radio 3 performance! The piece is registered with Astute music and we are awaiting them to publish it. If you could contact Lauren Scott at and make them aware of your interest it may encourage them to speed up the process! 🙂

  • Mwherewhere can you get the sheet music for the trio for flute violin and piano. I am doing a concert in Antigua in September and would love to perform this work. We go on 27th August 27th so would love to get hold of it ASAP

    • Hello Kate, the piece is awaiting to be published by Astute music, I have signed a contract with them so I am locked in to their publishing my music. Could you email Lauren Scott at it may speed up the process. Thank you for your interest and kind words.

  • Saw. Saw your reply to Lorna and have contacted Astute Music so here’s hoping

    • Thank you Kate.
      I hope there is a recording or a youtube video that I could listen to if it is played, I love hearing everyones interpretations of my music.

  • I emailed Lauren Scott as well! I loved these pieces and looking forward to get a copy of the score! As well of the capriccio that you wrote and it’s fascinatingly great.

    • Dear Octavian, Thank you very much for your interest in my work. And also, thanks for emailing Astute. As soon as the Trio is published and available I will let you you, and any other people who have shown interest as well.
      The Capriccio has been performed twice so far in Germany, but we do not yet have a recording I can post as yet, although as soon as one becomes available I will certainly add it to the page belonging to this piece. It is not yet published, so if you would like to have a copy of it I can certainly sort that out for you. I have a few tiny revisions to make in it, but otherwise it is ready to go. If you would like to have it please let me know via email and we can go from there. Thanks again, Octavian. Geraldine.

  • Quick update on the Trio for flute, violin and piano for all who have expressed interest in it.
    I am now just finished the proof reading of the score from Astute Music, so I’m hoping it will not be too much longer until this piece is ready to be released. I shall post again to you all when it’s finally out!
    Many thanks for being so patient, it’s much appreciated.
    Geraldine Green

  • Trio Update – The Trio for Flute, Violin and Piano is now published and available from Astute Music Ltd at:

    Many thanks to all who expressed interest in it. I hope you enjoy it.

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