Sonatina for Clarinet and Bassoon

Full Score – Bflat Clarinet and Bassoon ( Includes separate Clarinet and bassoon parts )
Full Score – Bflat Clarinet and Bass Clarinet Arrangement ( Includes separate Clarinet and bass clarinet parts ) Buy here SHEETMUSICDIRECT or SHEETMUSICPLUS

The Sonatina for Bflat clarinet and bassoon was written between March and June 2018 and is dedicated to my good bassoonist friend Jane Thompson and her family. It was her husband, Astley Jones, who asked me to write the piece as a way of showing her how much we all loved her! I thought that was the sweetest thing and the rest is history!

We hoped to give this piece its world premiere at some point in 2018 or 2019, with Jane herself playing the bassoon and myself on clarinet. However, the first major hurdle was Jane having an operation on each hand to cure her Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and the second big hurdle was Covid-19! Due to life’s normal pressures, the work still awaits its long awaited for premiere.

It has three movements, fast, slow, fast, and a total duration of approximately 15 minutes.

I have also transcribed the bassoon part for bass clarinet so the piece can be played by either combination. It could even be played by two bass clarinets, which would be hilarious!

I feel, as a player myself, that its main challenge is in sheer breathing and playing stamina as it certainly gets you working up a sweat by the end, but its comical, quirky character will hopefully make it great fun for players and audience alike.

As soon as I have a decent recording I will post it up here.

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